10 years ago, as a 50 year old woman, I started experiencing problems that were embarrassing to discuss. Sexual dysfunction was something I never expected to happen. Intercourse was very painful which made intimacy almost non-existent. I tried lubricants, which didn’t help. So I decided to consult my doctor about this problem. She patted my hand and said, ” getting older is not fun, is it? No, there is nothing that can be done.” I left with no hope. As things got worse, I became more withdrawn, sexually, that is. I saw an ad in the newspaper for Dr. Morrison and bio-identical hormone therapy. As a last resort, I called and made an appointment. I went to the appointment with a skeptical attitude, but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. What a pleasant experience I had. The office staff was kind and friendly and Dr. Morrison was so kind and professional. He was compassionate and very easy to talk with. After talking with him, I had some hope! Of course, I was still skeptical; but I decided to give bio-identical hormones a try. Within a month I could tell a HUGE difference. Hot flashes had disappeared. natural lubrication had returned, and painful intercourse was gone. Within a couple of months, my libido was back and intimacy was restored. What had been a “once a month” occurrence had gone to -twice a week. Dr. Morrison is my husband’s favorite doctor ever and he hasn’t even met­ him. Thank you Dr. Morrison and your practice for giving me my life back.


Because I experienced early menopause, I started dealing with decreased libido in my forties. My desire seemed to slip away more each year. I tried everything, but I couldn’t increase my responsiveness. I was frustrated with my body, and my relationship with my husband suffered. My husband is the most patient, loving man in the world. Even though he didn’t complain, I knew that he felt it was somehow his fault, and he began to withdraw. Our lack of intimacy began 􀂄o affect all areas of our relationship. Finally, I felt I had to do something to keep my marriage from slipping away further. A friend suggested I call Dr. Morrison. He assured me that he could restore my body to its younger capabilities. Within a month, I felt better, slept better, my thoughts were clearer, and my response to my husband returned. The difference HRT made in our relationship is dramatic. It has lead to the greatest emotional closeness and intimacy of our marriage. Thank you, Dr. Morrison.

Dr. Morrison has been overseeing my hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones since January, 2014. Since that time my health has improved remarkably. I am 55 years old. My progress can be measured numerically. In January, 2014 I weighed 144 pounds. At that time I began a weight training and cardio workout with my then fiancé. Although I was not overweight, my stamina was low and I was very weak. My weight remained the same over time until June, 2015 when I notice a 4 pound weight gain. My percentage body fat was measured at that time at between 28 and 29%. I changed my exercise program to include more enjoyable activities. I was able to do so in part because I had built up strength. Just prior to that measurement, Dr. Morrison increased my testosterone dosage. I increased my weight training and began Zumba classes. Now my weight ha increased to 151 pounds. I have begun to measure body fat percentage in addition to weight My body fat percentage .is 26.9% which falls on fitness chart, within between average and ideal range for a 35 year old woman and within the ideal range for a 155 year old woman. To measure body fat percentage use www.healthstatus.com. I am trying to lose the weight I gained, but with the hormone replacement therapy, diet and exercise, the metabolism decline that results from aging has been reduced to a minimum.


If I had it to do over again, I would have had my hormone levels tested when I was in my late forties. At that time I noticed difficulty sleeping. A doctor recommended estrogen replacement when I was 50 years old and my difficulty sleeping resolved. I have had very few hot flashes. My skin has aged more slowly. I began bioidentical hormones at age 52 with a doctor who added progesterone and a small dose of testosterone and noticed a marked improvement in my health. When I began seeing Dr. Morrison he gradually increased the testosterone level my quality of life improved in terms of increased energy, strength and metabolism. Sex drive and function are very good as a result of the treatment. I have a serious migraine condition that has been helped by my increased general level of health. My golf game has improved and I have energy to enjoy the things in life that I did not have time to do when I was young. For instance, on a recent vacation trip with my husband I was able to walk all over the city and see all of the sites. Without hormone replacement and even prior to progress I made under Dr. Morrison’s care, I would have had to take frequent breaks to lie down. One of the most meaningful pieces of information Dr. Morrison gave me is that women experience a 100% decrease in hormone levels almost immediately, while men experience a 50% decrease over the rest of their life. If men were lined up at age 50 and told that they would be castrated, not much time would pass before a medical treatment was perfected. Safe, medically approved hormone replacement is a necessary part of quality health care for women.